Monday, September 18, 2017

Seattle Nazi Gets Knocked The F*** Out

One of the things that I have noticed since the disastrous November 8 election that put 45 in the White House is the uptick in white supremacists feeling empowered to spout racist invective and act on expressing their bigot gene.

One enterprising white supremacist fool decided to do so in Seattle recently.  The still unidentified idiot was tracked by anti-fascists via social media as he rode the D Line and walked around the city proudly wearing a Nazi armband as he harassing people minding their own business.

After messing with a Black passenger on a Seattle bus, he got into a confrontation with other passersby who objected to his armband.
Then he made the mistake of stepping to another Black man who wasn't having it and knocked his white supremacist behind out cold with once punch.
'Master race' ,huh?  First your leader Richard Spencer gets punched, and now your weak behind gets put to sleep with one blow to the face.  

When y'all Nazis gonna learn not to phuck with Black people in this country?   Night -night white supremacist fool.

Here's another beautiful video of another Nazi getting knocked the f*** out to brighten your day.

H/T, BuzzFeed


Have A Wonderful 2017-18 School Year TBLGQ Family!

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup and outdoor
August 28 would have been the start of the school year for my niece and other HISD school kids but Harvey changed that for the time being.

September 11 became the new start date for kids across HISD and my trans nieces and nephews in HISD and other Houston area school districts that had already started classes but were interrupted by the unwanted arrival of Harvey in the area.

The same happened for our college students in the Houston area, and UH, TSU and Rice restarted classes on September 5

The 2017-18 school year has already gotten off to a great start with the elite HBCU women's school Spelman College announcing they will be admitting trans feminine students starting in the 2018-19 school year.

Image result for transgender homecoming queenMy sisters Chyna Fierro, Amirage Shively and Sharron Cooks are furthering their educations at UTEP, U of L and Temple respectively, and I wish them and all trans and gender variant people doing so at the collegiate level a wonderful school year.

I hope I get the opportunity to write about more of our trans kids across the country breaking barriers and becoming homecoming or prom kings and queens, playing their fave sport as their true selves, making a cheerleading squad,  kicking butt in an academic contest, or becoming their school's valedictorian or salutatorian..

It's my hope you also just get through this school year and make new friends, get your education, and not have to deal with bullies, be they the school, faculty, administrative or right wing parental kind.  

I'm also giving my TBLGQ fam who are college professors, teachers and instructors some love as well who are doing the work of teaching the next generation of students.  By doing so, you are committing a revolutionary act along with the trans students being in class and getting their educations.

Image result for LGBT students
Whether you do so openly as your true selves or are nondisclosed, continue to do what you do in terms of kicking knowledge to the kids as higher education comes under increasing attack from the conservafools and the faith based fools with Betsy DeVos ensconced as the new Secretary of (mis)Education continue their rush to idiocracy by attacking public education.

Here in the Lone Star State, having failed at the legislative level twice since January to get their anti-trans bans in place, the Texas Axis of Intolerance hatemongers are now shifting targets to attack the school districts.

Image result for san antonio isd logo
They have already tried and failed to stop pro-TBLGQ policies from being put in place in San Antonio ISD.

Happy 2017-18 school year TBLGQ family.  Whether you are starting your first day of elementary school or your first day of graduate school, I hope that you get through it with minimal drama and maximum opportunities to learn, expand your minds, make friends and grow as human beings.

May the same thing happen for your classmates, administrators, faculty and parents.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bigot Bob Marshall 'Scurred' To Debate Danica Roem In VA Legislative Race

The Virginia state elections are happening on November 7, and if you live in the Commonwealth of Virginia and haven't handled your electoral business, bust a move and handle it before it's too late.

Been interesting to see 32 year old Danica Roem make her historic bid to become the first out trans person in the US to get elected to a state legislature and become the first to do so since Althea Garrison was elected to the Massachusetts state legislature in 1990.

Roem is taking on District 13 long time incumbent Del. Bob Marshall (R), who is a longtime enemy of the TBLGQ community and has justifiably earned the nickname he hates in 'Bigot Bob'.

Image result for bob marshall virginiaThe 73 year old Marshall is a prime example of what I'm talking about when I say that the most dangerous bigot is the one who has the power to write legislation.  

He sponsored Virginia's anti-gay marriage ban that was approved by a majority of Virginia voters in 2006 and was in effect until it was struck down in federal court and has been a longtime champion of anti- TBLGQ causes.  

In 2015 he tried to get a bill passed that would have legalized discrimination against Virginia's TBLGQ community in hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, government agencies and businesses.

In this recent legislative session he sponsored Virginia's attempt to pass an anti-trans bill modeled on North Carolina's HB 2 that thankfully died.

Marshall, who have been in the Virginia House of Delegates since 1992 representing this northern Virginia district that covers Prince William and Manassas counties, has been a proud foe of our community.

Image result for Danica roem
So it's hypocritical that  Marshall is now crying crocodile white tears because he's being called 'Bigot Bob' while in the same breath, his transphobic behind is misgendering his Democratic opponent and refusing to debate her.

I guess when you've been so busy using your legislative power to oppress people, it doesn't leave you time to learn what the actual issues are that affect your district, huh?

Good luck trying to use her trans feminine status to 'scurr' people into voting for you.   She's already winning the fundraising battle by a 5-1 margin at the local, state and national levels because there are a lot of people, especially in the TBLGQ community that want you gone.

Image result for Danica roem
It would be exceedingly delicious to me as a trans woman to see on November 7 Bigot Bob get taken down by a trans woman.   Danica has definitely demonstrated in the primary campaign that she handily won over four opponents and in this general election campaign that she does have a keen grasp of those issues, and that's probably why he's avoiding her.

Bigot Bob can run, but he can't hide forever, and he will have to face Danica Roem sooner or later. He can either do it now, or when he's making his concession speech on November 7

Another group of people he'll have to face on November 7 is the voters of District 13, which went solidly for Clinton in last year's presidential election

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Laila Ireland's 2017 GLAAD Gals SF Speech

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor"It is my hope that our military leaders will quickly acknowledge that transgender troops should get the same freedoms and integrity we so courageously protect," --Laila Ireland

Last year at this time I was in San Francisco to accept an award during the 2016 GLAAD Gala San Francisco.  

This year it was my sis Laila Ireland onstage being honored with an award during the 2017 edition of this event and getting to make a powerful speech on behalf of trans military people like herself and her amazing husband.

Here's the video of that speech


Anjali Ameer Makes Indian Movie History

Anjali Ameer
Like here in the States, Bollywood has also used male actors to portray trans women

This is old news, but when the bilingual film (Tamil and Malayalam) Peranbu (it's Tamil language title) debuts later this year with Indian film superstar Mammootty in the lead role,  it will have for the first time ever in the history of Indian cinema a trans woman playing a female role.

Anjali Ameer
The person tapped to make that Indian cinematic history is Anjali Ameer   Born in Kerala into an orthodox Muslim family, transitioned in her teens and kept her trans status non disclosed as she started her modeling career until she was dropped from a TV show.  

"Acting was a passion for me," said Ameer in an India Times interview. "As a kid, I used to take part in youth festivals. I feel that acting is the best I can do to bring out my personality."  

The model was suggested to director of the movie Ram by Mammootty, and  Ameer is thrilled to be in her first film with one of India's greatest and most well known actors.

"It was a great experience working with people like Mammootty and director Ram," said Ameer.  To get a character with such a team was a great learning experience.  Initially I was intimidated, but Mammootty encouraged me throughout the shoot."

Ameer also made it clear she doesn't want to be considered just a trans artist.   She is an actress who just wants to try her luck in Bollywood and if a great role comes along, she's ready to play it.

Number 19- RIP Derricka Banner

Slider Image 1
We have now lost our 19th trans person this year, once again in Charlotte, NC.

26 year old Derricka Banner was found shot to death in her car at 3 AM Tuesday morning during the in northwest Charlotte in the 1400 block of Rosetta Street as the winds and rains of Tropical Storm Irma were lashing the city.

An arrest has already been made  by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police in this still being actively investigated case.

18 year old Montavious Sanchez Berry was arrested late Tuesday evening and charged with her murder.   He is also being charged with armed robbery and shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Banner makes the now 16th Black trans person murdered in 2017, and the 15th trans feminine Black person who has died.   And yes, she was under age 30.

We have had one Black trans masculine person in Kashmire Redd, one Native American  transwoman in Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow, one Latina in Josie Berrios,  and one White trans woman in Gwynevere River Song also lost due to anti-trans violence in 2017.

This case is still being investigated, and people with info concerning Banner's murder are asked to call CMPD  704-432-TIPS (8477)  and speak with Detective Jones, the lead detective on this ongoing case.   You can also call Crime Stoppers at 704- 334-1600 or the Charlotte Crime Stoppers mobile app or website.

As of yet I haven't received any news from my Charlotte area contacts concerning a vigil or announcement of funeral services yet, and I will pass that along to you TransGriot readers as I receive it

I'll also be monitoring the case until justice is served.

Rest in power and peace, Derricka.

TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks - Week 2

While my Texans failed in their opening week mission of beating the Jaguars, I didn't in my quest to threepeat as TransGriot NFL prognostication champion.

Thanks to sweeping both NFL Monday night games, I not only finished above .500 for this opening week, but won Week 1.

Now we get into the second week of the season that starts with the Texans trying to overcome their sorry performance on Thursday Night Football against another team that stunk in their home opener in the Cincinnati Bengals

I also have one other thing to say about the Texans horrid performance against the Jaguars in which they gave up 10 sacks:  Call Duane Brown's agent and pay him!

And it looks like DeShaun Watson will be the starter for this Thursday night game, just hope the Texans line can give him some time to throw the ball.

Well, let's get to this week's NFL picks. 16 teams playing this week after the Bucs and Dolphins came off their unexpected Hurricane Irma bye    Mike's Week 2 picks are here.

Team I'm picking to win in bold print with the home  team in CAPS

Week 1 Results                                                                 2017 NFL Season Record
TransGriot    10-5                                                              TransGriot    10-5
Mike               9-6                                                              Mike               9-6

Thursday Night Game

Texans over BENGALS

Sunday Early Games
PANTHERS over Bills
STEELERS over Vikings
Patriots over SAINTS
CHIEFS over Eagles
Cardinals over COLTS
RAVENS over Browns
Titans over JAGUARS

Sunday Afternoon Games
RAIDERS over Jets
Dolphins over CHARGERS
Cowboys over BRONCOS
SEAHAWKS over 49ers
RAMS over Washington

Sunday Night Game
Packers over FALCONS

Monday Night Game
GIANTS over Lions

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jemele Hill Spoke Truth To Power, and I Stand With Her

Related image
One of the things I'm really sick of with this Trump misadministration is their War on Journalism.

Image result for Jemele Hill tweetI've especially not been happy about WH Minister of Disinformation Sarah Huckabee Sanders attacking Black female journalists

First it was Sanders attacking veteran White House correspondent April D. Ryan, and now this attack on ESPN's Jemele Hill.

Hill on Monday said the obvious to everyone who was paying attention while expressing her First Amendment rights on Twitter.

She called 45 during a tweet storm what he has demonstrated himself to be,  a white supremacist that surrounds himself with white supremacists and said he was the worst POTUS of her lifetime.

Hey, she;s not wrong..

For those of you who have a problem with HIll's comment, does Steve Bannon ring a bell?  Sebastian Gorka? Jefferson Beauregard Sessions? Nazis carrying tiki torches in Charlottesville that Trump called 'good people'?  David Duke calling Trump 'one of them'?

Image result for Jemele Hill tweetOf course, all the white supremacist hit dogs are hollering and mad because a Black woman (as usual) spoke truth to power.  ESPN caved and tweeted out an apology for her speaking the truth about Twittolini, and of course Sanders used her White House propaganda rally today to call for Jemele Hill to be fired from her ESPN gig,

Really?  The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) quickly posted this comment defending Hill

Jemele Hill is an award-winning, veteran journalist who has distinguished herself for having insightful opinions and perspectives on a variety of topics. Having been successful along those lines for 20 years, she has been able to connect with viewers on ESPN as well as on various social media platforms. That withstanding, the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) supports Hill's First Amendment rights on all matters of discussion, within and outside the world of sports, as they do not impinge on her duties as a host and commentator.

Black activists and media celebrities also have taken to Twitter and other outlets to stand with Hill

And so do I. I'm waiting to see if these white fauxminists will stand with her, or prove once again that solidarity is for white women only.

You do know ESPN by issuing that apology and leaving this sister hanging, you are cosigning the very white supremacy that Jemele called out?

I'm also tired of the racists and sexist abuse Hill regularly gets online that ESPN cowardly hasn't done jack about, but feels compelled in this case to issue an apology for her on point comments.

Image result for Jemele Hill tweet
Jemele Hill is a shero who spoke truth to power.   She should be applauded for doing so, not reviled.


Friday, September 08, 2017

Shut Up Fool Awards- Irma's Tearing Stuff Up Edition

Image result for Hurricane Irma
Having recently gotten through a hurricane strike of my own in Harvey wreaking havoc on Houston and the upper Texas coastline, my heart and prayers go out to the people in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Florida Atlantic coast who are either getting whacked by Irma's Cat 5 self or about to by this weekend.

But it's Friday, and it's time to whack stupidity, blow away hypocrisy, and just say no to what the hell idiocy.   It's time for this week's edition of the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.

Honorable mention number one is just pick a Trump Administration outrage or fool within it, starting with 45 himself.

Honorable mention number two is Maria Sharapova, who has been flapping her gums about Serena while she's busy handling her mommy business claiming she's responsible for making Serena the Greatest of All TIme.  

Really?  You're 2-19 lifetime against Serena and you couldn't beat her even on steroids, so shut your azz up comrade and have several seats

Honorable mention number three is all The Berners who still believe the Dem primary was 'rigged' and that Bernie would have beaten Trump in a general election.

You peeps repeating the lie you heard on RussiaLeaks is not only disrespectful to the Black Democrats who voted in large numbers for Clinton, it's racist, too.  News flash, Black voters ain't feeling Bernie Sanders, and the negative feelings we have for your Lord and Political Saviour have only gotten more intense since November 2016

And Sanders couldn't even beat Clinton, who you also claim was a 'poor candidate'.  Yeah, she was such an awful candidate she faced unprecedented sexism and misogyny, a media spreading smears about her, Russian interference, Stein and Johnson pulling voters from her and she still nearly won the presidency  

Honorable mention number four is Doctor Who writer Gareth Roberts (no relation to me, thank God, who let his transphobic flag fly earlier this week and tried to hold up being gay as a shield against his transphobic tirade.

Not today, transphobic Satan.   Hope some Daleks cart your azz off to deep space to exterminate your transphobic tendencies

Honorable mention number five is Philadelphia Police Officer's Union President John McNesby, who parted his lips to call Black Lives Matter ' a pack of animals' during a 'Blue Lives matter' rally but defended an officer wearing a Nazi tattoo.

Racist much?   And you wonder why we sometimes in the Black community spell cop with three K's and have the negative reactions we do to the police.

This week's TransGriot Shut Up Fool Winner is Susan Sarandon.  

Image result for Susan SarandonThis fool and limousine driving Green Tea Party revolutionary had the nerve to tweet support to the DREAMers after 45 revoked DACA, and decry it as a terrible decision.  

Well the terrible decision you made in supporting Jill "I dine with Vladimir Putin' Stein who had zero chance of winning the presidency greased the skids for the DACA repeal.

The Twitterverse justifiably dragged her azz and called her out for her WTF level idiocy

BTW, how's 'The Revolution' going?  The one that you claimed would happen in 2000 when you supported Ralph Nader?

You've been loud and wrong for 16 years, so sit your clueless azz down and shut up fool!

Thursday, September 07, 2017

TransGriot 2017 NFL Picks- Week 1

It's that time of the year in which once again, I do battle with Mike Watts to see who will emerge victorious at the end of the NFL regular season as the TransGriot NFL Prognostication Champion!

That was moi last year, and the noteworthy things about my 2016 NFL prognostication title run was that for the first time ever I did so WITHOUT a losing week.  It was also the first time in the history of this blog and our NFL prognostication competition there was a repeat champion.

So can I threepeat?  I'm sure going to try.  And the road to the threepeat starts today.

Eli is sitting this season out still battling cancer, but does like the Seahawks to make the Super Bowl

Speaking of threepeats, my fave NFL ballers will be trying to win a third straight AFC South title, and win more than nine games while doing so.   That will be helped immensely with JJ Watt's return to the Texans defensive lineup, and better quarterback play from either Tom Savage or rookie Deshaun Watson.

Image result for Texans Deshaun WatsonWeek 1 of a new season is always a crapshoot.   Every team has had lineup changes, and you won't have a clear idea until Week 4 how much those changes impacted the team.

And you don't know what 2016 NFL season playoff team will crash and burn in 2017, or what team that the pundits picked to suck will surprise everyone.

We also start this 2017 NFL season with another franchise moving to a new city.  The Chargers are that team this year, moving back up I-5 from San Diego to the city where they were founded and played one AFL season in 1960 in Los Angeles.

Rules of the prognostication contest are the same.  MIke Watts and I are just simply picking the winners of this week's NFL games and not using a spread.   Our picks will be posted no later than 15 minutes before kickoff of the first NFL game on Thursday

Person with the best record at the end of NFL Week 17, 256 games from now will be the champ and have bragging rights until next season.

Here's Mike's Week 1 picks.   My goal this week is to simply be above .500 and get this 2017 NFL campaign to a threepeat off to a good start.

And now, let's get to my NFL Week 1 picks.  Home team in CAPS, team I'm selecting to win will be in bold print.

Final 2016 NFL Season

*TransGriot  170-84-2
Mike             163-91-2
Eli                  ---

Thursday Night Game
PATRIOTS over Chiefs

Sunday Early Games
TEXANS over Jaguars
Eagles over WASHINGTON
BILLS over Jets
Raiders over TITANS
DOLPHINS over Buccaneers
LIONS over Cardinals
Falcons over BEARS
BENGALS over Ravens
Steelers over BROWNS

Sunday Afternoon Games 
Colts over RAMS
Seahawks over PACKERS
Panthers over 49ERS

Sunday Night Game 
COWBOYS over Giants

Monday Night Games
VIKINGS over Saints
BRONCOS over Chargers

Spelman Will Finally Admit Trans Women!

Image result for spelman college

In the wake of what happened to Calliope Wong at Smith College when she attempted to enroll at that school, I asked the question back in 2013 on the blog when Spelman would admit trans women, and if they did, how would they handle the situation Smith fumbled badly at the time if a qualified Black trans feminine identified student wished to enroll there?

Now I have a definitive answer to that question.  Spelman would enroll that trans feminine student, and they will start doing so during the fall semester of the 2018-19 school year.

Image resultSpelman is the elite women's college in HBCU academia, and I believed back in 2013 it would inevitably come to the decision to open their doors to trans women who in the words of President Mary Schmidt Campbell, 'consistently live and self-identify as women, regardless of their gender assignment at birth.'

So what that means is if my trans nieces Trinity and Ellie wish to consider attending Spelman, they have the option when it's time to choose a college and have the grades to do so, can add that school to their collegiate wish list.

According to a letter from President Campbell released to Spelman students, Spelman has had a task force composed of students, faculty, staff, trustees and alumnae have been discussing the issue since last semester.

As for those of you asking how this policy impacts trans men, as a women's college dedicated to serving high-achieving Black women,  it doesn't not admit folks who consistently live and self identify as male as Spelman students.

The exception to this is if a trans masculine person transitions AFTER they have been accepted and enrolled at Spelman as a female student.  They will be allowed to continue pursuing their degree on campus and graduate from Spelman.

President Campbell in the letter also called for an implementation committee to be empaneled to consider how the new admissions policy will affect the Spelman campus community.

As you probably guessed, the transphobic Hateraid already started flowing from the ignorant corners of the Black gossip blogosphere, but the decision is being met elsewhere with generally positive commentary.

And so happy that Spelman has joined Bennett College, the other HBCU dedicated to educating Black women,  in opening their doors to qualified trans feminine students.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

BTWI Statement Concerning The Kashmire Redd Murder

Image result for Black transwomen Inc logo

September 6, 2017

Contact Monica Roberts BTWI Media Chair
Carmarion D Anderson BTWI Founding  National Director
855-255-8636 EXT 11

We have lost 17 trans women of color to anti-trans violence in 2017, and today it saddens us as an organization to announce that an 18th person and our first trans masculine person has died due to the plague of anti-trans violence visited upon our community.

He is 28 year old Kashmire Nazer Redd of Gates, New York.  

We at Black Transwomen Inc, our brother organization Black Transmen, Inc. The Black Trans International Pageantry System and Black Trans Advocacy express our deepest condolences to Kashmire Redd's family and all who loved him.

He received multiple stab wounds during a domestic dispute with his partner in their apartment in the early morning hours on Monday.   Redd stumbled out of the apartment, collapsed and was alive when Gates PD arrived on the scene at 4:30 AM EDT, but succumbed to his wounds after being taken to Strong Memorial Hospital.

Redd is the 15th Black transperson we have lost to anti trans violence.  What also continues to sadden us is that 15 of the 18 people we have lost in 2017 are under age 40, and 17 of the 18 have been trans women of color.

40 year old Doris Carrasquillo has been arrested and charged with second degree murder in this case, and is currently being held without bail in the Monroe County Jail. We at BTWI, BTMI, BTIPS and BTA pray that justice will be expeditiously served in this case

Rest in power and peace, Kashmire.

Number 18 - Rest In Power Kashmire Redd

Knew it was just a matter of time before we lost another trans person to anti-trans violence, and sad to point out that we have lost out 18th trans person and first trans masculine one of 2017.

Kashmire Redd, 28, of Gates was fatally stabbed inside
28 year old Kashmire Nazer Redd was stabbed multiple times in the upper chest area in the early morning hours Monday morning during a domestic dispute by his partner in Gates, New York.    Redd stumbled out of the apartment on Cocchia Crescent and collapsed on the front lawn.

Gates PD arrived on the scene at 4:30 AM EDT and Redd was still alive when they arrived.  He was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Image result for doris carrasquillo
His partner, 40 year old Doris Carrasquillo was arrested and has been charged with second degree murder in this case.  She has pleaded not guilty, and is being held in the Monroe County Jail without bail.

Redd is the 18th trans person killed in 2017, and sadly the first trans masculine one.   Once again he fits the ongoing pattern of trans people under age 30 dying due to anti-trans violence, and the 15th African American trans person who has been murdered this year..

I ask the question once again.   When will our Black trans lives matter to you, Black America?

As per usual, I will be tracking this case until justice is served.   If there is a memorial service, I'll pass that information on as soon as I receive it

Rest in power and peace, Kashmire.   We won't rest until justice has been served in your case.

2017 Williams Watch- Aunt Venus Is In The US Open Semis!

Image result for venus williams us open 2017
Venus Williams became an aunt on September 1 when Little Sis gave birth to a 6 pound 13 oz girl who is probably ranked in the Top 100 of the ATP women's tennis ranks.

And yeah, rest of women's tennis tour, she and her child will be at the 2018 Australian Open

Meanwhile Aunt Venus is upholding the Williams family name at Flushing Meadow and now playing a second week of tennis at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

After 9th seeded Big Sis dispatched Maria Sakkari of Greece in straight sets 6-3, 6-1, she faced a tougher task in the fourth round as she took on Carla Suarez Navarro of Spain.  It took her three sets, but she survived and advanced to the quarterfinals by a 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 count.

That  win earned her a quarterfinal matchup with the Czech Republic's Petra Kvitova, who was fresh off upsetting 2017 Wimbledon champ Garbine Muguruza in straight sets.

Image result for venus williams us open 2017
This was another three set battle for Venus. and that third set was decided in a tiebreaker.  It went Big Sis' way 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (7-2) to punch her ticket to her third Grand Slam semifinal this season.

Her opponent will be fellow American Sloane Stephens, who also survived a three set match that was decided on a third set tie breaker against Latvia's Anastasija Sevastova.

Can Aunt Venus make it to her third Grand Slam final and her first US Open final since 2002?

And more importantly, can she finally break through and win a Grand Slam title this year?  

Sure hope so.      

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

It's Not Necessary For POC's To Say 'Not All White People Are Racist'...

Image result for Racist white people
When we as non white people are discussing the very real ways we have been negatively impacted by racism.

We non white peeps are well aware of that 'not all white people' point and have that in the back of our minds as a given before we even start trying to have that race conversation.

Saying 'Not all white people are racist' becomes a problem when we are trying to have that grown folks conversation about race and racism in mixed company, and you as a white person will with regularity defensively drop that comment in there or deliberately do so in an attempt to derail the conversation.

And we can't fix the racism problem in the US if we can't have an intelligent conversation about it.

Image result for webster's dictionary
Please don't even get me started about that BS Webster's Dictionary definition of racism that is not based on reality and damned sure wasn't written by a person of color who has been negatively impacted by it.

And you white peeps don't use a dictionary when you're debating other topics, so why is it that when race and racism is the issue and the discussion is happening in racially mixed company, the POC eyeroll inducing next thing that happens is that the dictionary definition of racism gets deployed by that white person or badly misquoted?

FYI, If you deploy it in the midst of a grown folks convo about race, it's akin to Godwin's Law.  You have automatically lost, and on top of that have shown yourself in the eyes of the person's of color in that race discussion to be clueless about racism.

Just so we're clear about what racism is, I'm using this Sociology 101 definition of it.
Racism is bigotry and prejudice PLUS systemic power and population numbers used by a majority group to retard, roll back or eviscerate the societal progress of a minority group.
An example of what I'm talking about would be the voter ID laws passed by Republicans to keep Black and Latinx people from voting.

So when non white people say that we cannot be racist, they are correct in that statement.  Non white people can be bigoted and prejudiced, but we do not exist (at least until 2040) with the population numbers to consistently turn our bigotry and prejudice into societal policy.

Because of your white skin and sitting at the top of the societal totem pole for centuries and majority population numbers, you have accumulated privileges above and beyond what a person of color has

That is also true in TBLGQ world that we have racist white peeps in our ranks.

And yes, there are racist white people who wear Brooks Brothers suits and Jimmy Choo pumps. They aren't carrying tiki torches, Confederate flags or giving Nazi salutes in public, but they are far more dangerous to non-white people because they wear police badges, sit on judicial benches or have the power to write legislation at the local state and federal level.

Or are sitting in the Trump administration as policy advisors.

Image result for Tomi Lahren
And nope, haven't forgotten about the 53% of white women who voted for Trump last November, or who like Tomi Lahren and Megyn Kelly open their lipstick coated lips and get paid mad loot to spew racist crap out of them on national TV networks like FOX Noise.

Just because you are dating, married to or having sexual relations with a non-white person doesn't mean you get to hold your partner up as a human shield to attempt to absolve you of some racist crap you may have done or said.
That's reality that elements of you in the white community are unrepentant racists.  Any non white person talking about that reality and how it affects them personally, or the salient point backed up with numerous tiki torch bearing examples that far too many of your white skinfolk are gleefully racist is NOT racism, and y'all need to chill with that conservabullshyt.

So the next time a person of color starts taking about racism, know this salient point before you dive in to comment white peeps.

We non white folks are already aware of the fact before we even open our mouths to intelligently critique whiteness and white supremacy that some of y'all white folks are doing the work to dismantle white supremacy in your own lives, and we applaud you for that.  We just need y'all to get your misguided cousins and have those hard conversations with them.

We also don't need you saying 'Not all white people are racist' in a mixed company conversation that we need to have in the public sphere and on social media about how bad racism is and how it negatively impacts our POC lives  .

Monday, September 04, 2017

BLM Houston Is Handling Its Harvey Business

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One of the things that pissed me off was seeing that fake news story from a right wing website that falsely tried to claim that BLM was blocking a military rescue convoy with supplies headed to Houston.

It was a blatant lie that was easily debunked.  What it did do was motivate me to write this post telling the real story about what BLM Houston is doing in the wake of the passage of Harvey to help the people of Houston and southeast Texas affected by the storm.

It was needed and necessary for me to do especially in light of the fact that I know several members of BLM Houston's leadership including its founder Ashton Woods and Kandice Webber.  I also met in Denver during Creating Change 2015 the founders of BLM national in Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Khan-Cullors.

I have witnessed firsthand what the peeps at BLM Houston have been doing for our Houston community before and since Harvey moved out of the area

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For starters, BLM Houston member Brandon Mack is collecting school supplies for people who need them once the area schools restart.  Some of the local school districts had already started classes for the 2017-18 school year when Harvey struck while HISD was scheduled to start classes on August 28.

What is needed are pencils, white copy paper, spiral notebooks, notebook paper, post-it notes, clear backpacks, and binders.  Those school supply donations will be accepted through the end of September. 

No automatic alt text available.BLM Houston is helping coordinate the clean up of people's flooded homes in northeast Houston, and has another Day of Action cleanup event scheduled for September 9.

BLM Houston has also been shopping for and accepting donations of supplies to distribute to people in need.

They are helping first responders and military personnel in town to help Houston recover from the floods.

In short, BLM Houston has been handling its Harvey business, and have been front and center in the efforts to help our people recover from this historic storm.

But you aren't hearing that from local or national media, or the right wing websites invested in spreading hatred of and disinformation about BLM.

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If you are interested in helping BLM this weekend, their Houston Day of Action cleanup event they have scheduled will run from 10 AM-7 PM, and the gathering address will be the Fiesta at 9419 Mesa Rd in northeast Houston.
BLM Houston will provide the masks, cleaning supplies, gloves, goggles and tools for this event.  All they need is for you to show up to volunteer for it in jeans and closed toe shoes.

Thanks BLM Houston for doing your part at the grassroots level to help our community recover from Harvey.

What's The Texas Trans Community Doing In Harvey's Wake?

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It's also ironic in the wake of a legislative session in which the Republican controlled Texas government tried to push fear and hatred of transgender people in the regular session and spent $800,000 of our tax money during the Special Oppression Session to mess with Texas trans people for their own political gain.

But when Harvey hit the upper Texas coast, it has been the Texas trans community who has also stepped up to not only organize efforts to help our own people, but people outside of it.

Hannah Simpson has been in Austin helping to coordinate Red Cross efforts there.   She has been reading stories to the kids there.  She's built a database to help with client management in the shelter, is working to help coordinate the volunteer scheduling and routing at the Austin command center and just doing what she can to help the place run smoother.

And nobody cares that she's using the women's bathroom when she has to pee.  It's past time to stop wasting valuable Texas legislative time aiming discrimination efforts at us.

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Political rant moment over, back to the post.

Meanwhile here in Houston my fab sis Nikki Araguz Loyd and her husband Will went out during the deluge on their jet skis in their northeast area part of the city to help people caught in the floodwaters during Harvey.   They  ended up rescuing this 82 year old woman during one of their jet ski rescue runs.

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Ana Andrea Molina and the Organizacion Latina de Trans in Texas (OLTT) despite losing a computer to a roof leak (since generously replaced) caused by the storm at Casa Ana Andrea, is standing by with up to six beds to shelter trans people made homeless by Harvey.

They are also pitching in to help where they can to help our trans community and other quicly recover from the storm.

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One of my homegirls who is a pilot and operations director for a charter airline, has made flights along with her charter airline's pilots chock full of medical supplies to bring back here to Houston.   One of those medical supply flights was to Hobby Airport, which was closed at the time and she was told by the tower to 'land at her own risk'.  She landed the plane safely along with the supplies.

Other trans Houstonians and trans Texans are in unsung ways helping clean storm damage at other people's homes, volunteering at local shelters, coordinating aid and relief efforts, raising money and simply doing their part as fellow Houstonians and Texans do to pitch in and help people recover from this storm.

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And that's before I even mention the countless trans folks around the country who are doing things in their area to help their Texas trans, bi and SGL fam in their hour of need.

Harvey is giving us the golden opportunity to prove that trans Texans are an undeniable part of the fabric of the Texas community.

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We are eagerly rolling up our sleeves and seizing this opportunity to do so by handling our business and helping our fellow Texans.