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Shut Up Fool Awards- Black Panther 50th Anniversary Weekend Edition.

The Black Panther Party For Self Defense was formed 50 years ago in Oakland, CA on October 15, 1966.  What was one of the motivating factors for their founding?   Being fed up with oppressive police tactics in our neighborhoods.  

Despite what COInTELPRO and conservatives try to tell you about the BPP, they were popular and grew rapidly in Black neighborhoods because they had a coherent political message combined with social programs like the free breakfast, free medial care clinics, and an emergency response ambulance program just for starters.  

They were even ahead of the curve on women's rights and gay rights, as this August 1970 speech from Huey P. Newton demonstrates.

Image result for black panther party 50th anniversary
The reason I'm bringing up the BPP is because this weekend in Oakland  the founding and the legacy of the Panthers is being celebrated  from October 20-23 at various locations with the theme of 'Where Do We Go From Here?'

All Power To The People!   And now, let's get to our usual Friday business of calling out the fool, fools or group of fools who made the cut for this week's TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.

Honorable mention number one is to Donald Trump for just pick a reprehensible comment or lie.

Honorable mention number two is to Dr Elizabeth Dunham the DoD official who overruled principal Mary Salerno  at the US run Ramstein Intermediate School on the Ramstein Air Base and barred a trans teen who is the child of a military officer from using the female restrooms.

Honorable mention number three is Pat Buchanan.  UnKKKle Pat tried to claim in a recent column that the system is rigged against white men.

Really?  In what delusional world?   Donald Trump's presidential campaign is Exhibit A it isn't.

Honorable mention number four is the Rocky Horror remake star Richard O'Brien, who opened his loud and wrong mouth by stating trans women can't be women.

Oh really?  You're neither trans, a woman, or someone who has an PhD in gender issues, so you have zero credibility to speak on the topic of transsexuality.

And once again, the humanity of trans people is not subject to debate or discussion.

Honorable mention number five is Rep. Bruce Babin (R-TX) who doubled down on Trump's 'nasty woman' debate comment by stating 'a lady need to be told when she's being nasty'.

And sometimes, Rep Babin, a Republican needs to be told when they are being a misogynist sexist idiot.
Image result for Dan patrick trying to rebrand his HB2 style law

This week's SUF winner is also a Texan in my reprehensible  Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, for trying to rebrand his discriminatory HB2 style Texas Transgender Oppression Act  as a 'women's privacy act'

Naw dude, you ain't fooling nobody with that crap, and I and my Texas trans fam and our allies will do everything in our power to kill it.

And I can't wait to vote you out of office in 2018.

Dan Patrick, shut up fool!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Must See Trans TV- Rocky Horror Starring Laverne Cox On Tonight

The actress also discusses her personal connection to the beloved movie musical. "It’s part of what gave me the courage to truly transition," she tells THR.
Just your friendly TransGriot reminder that while we wait for her debut on the upcoming CBS legal drama Doubt as attorney Cameron Wirth, the reimagined version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show starring Laverne Cox

She talked about her personal connection to the original movie in this Hollywood Reporter article,

The reimagined Rocky Horror Picture Show will be on your FOX television screens starting  later tonight at 7 PM CDT

TransGriot 2016 NFL Picks-Week 7

Image result for texans vs colts 2016 game
I had a great Week 6 picking NFL games highlighted by the Texans coming back from their somnambulant first half of offense at NRG Stadium to resemble and NFL offense in the second half to tie and eventually prevail in overtime in this critical AFC South Division game against the Indianapolis Colts thanks in large part to Lamar Miller and the Texans defense.

Now they face an interesting Monday night game with the Denver Texans Broncos in which they'll not only be facing their former coaches in Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips, but several former Texans.

That'll be on Monday night.  

I rebounded from a subpar for me 8-6 to go 10-5 despite the upsets.  Mike on the other hand after cutting my lead in half after his first winning week of the season followed that up with another sub 500 one to give me a five game lead going into this week..

And it's time to build on that momentum and pick this week's NFL games.

Only 15 games on this week's on the schedule, and you long time TransGriot readers know the drill for this TransGriot prognostication contest..

Teams I'm picking to be victorious are in bold print, with the home team in CAPS.   Teams on their bye week are two heading in opposite directions in the reeling Carolina Panthers and the Arlington Dallas Cowboys

There's also another NFL International game happening in London with the Giants and Rams facing off at Wembley Stadium.

Yeah, still hate that NFL franchise up I-45 with a passion  And with them getting off to a 5-1 start, their Harris County Fifth Column is going to be insufferable until they start losing again.
The best Cowboy fan is a silent one.

Focus, Moni..  Eyes on the prize in defending my 2015 title.  Time for this week's picks.   Mike's will be here via this link.

And for those of you wondering where's Eli, he's sitting this season out recovering from a serious health challenge.   Send him your warm thoughts and prayers.  

He did make a preseason Super Bowl pick, and I'll reveal that to you next week.

2016 NFL Week 5 Results                                       2016 NFL Season Record      

TransGriot    10-5                                                      TransGriot    58-34
Mike               7-8                                                       Mike            53-39
Eli                   ---                                                        Eli                 --

Thursday Night Game

PACKERS over Bears

International Game
Giants over RAMS

Sunday Early Games
CHIEFS over Saints
Colts over TITANS
Vikings over EAGLES
BENGALS over Browns
LIONS over Washington
Raiders over JAGUARS
Bills over DOLPHINS
Ravens at JETS

Sunday Afternoon Games
Buccaneers over 49ERS
FALCONS over Chargers
Patriots over STEELERS

Sunday Night Game

Seahawks over CARDINALS

Monday Night Game
Texans over BRONCOS

Yes, You Are A Masterpiece

"Tell all those who think that I'm a mistake, that I'm not a mistake. I'm a masterpiece."

My little sis nails it in this quote from her.   In its simplicity it's a quote that her trans elders also need to adopt and role model in their lives.

It's also apropos to discuss it on Spirit Day.

Yes trans people, you are as Trinity said a masterpiece.  We are part of the diverse mosaic of human life.  We have insights on life forged by us spending time on the opposite side of the gender continuum.   And despite all the opposition and irrational hatred being sent our way, we not only survive, but if given the opportunity, we rise about the challenges placed in our paths and thrive.

It's time to not only wtalk the exceptional talk, but walk the walk that comes with it.

So hold your heads up high, my trans siblings.   You are a masterpiece, and never let anyone tell you that you aren't.

Canadian C-16 Trans Rights Bill Passes Second Reading!

Image result for Canada Flag map
Been keeping an eye north of the border tracking the progress of Bill C-16, AKA the Trans Rights Bill that was introduced back on May 17.   It's the first time one of these trans human rights bills is being pushed by the governing majority, and it passed another critical step to becoming Canadian law two days ago.

C-16 had its first parliamentary debate on October 18, and as you probably guessed, the Conservatives in their response speech to Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould sponsor's speech dragged out the bathroom arguments.

They were swiftly debunked by NDP MP Randall Garrison. in his response speech.

As many of you TransGriot are aware of,  MP Garrison has previously filed two private member's bills that have passed the House of Commons only to get bogged down in the Conservative dominated Senate, or spiked by election calls.  C-16 being a government sponsored bill increases its chance of passage.   He has also tabled C-204, another trans rights private member's bill

C-16 would bar discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act against trans people in the areas of employment.   It would also make changes to the Canadian Criminal Code  so that gender identity and expression are added to the nation's hate speech laws.

The House of Commons voted 248-40 to pass C-16 thanks to unanimous support from the Liberals and the NDP with some Conservative legislators voting affirmatively for it.

C-16 was subsequently sent to the Justice and Human Rights Committee.   If it clears committee, it will then be sent back to the House for a third reading vote.

The hope is that C-16 will be in the Senate before the end of 2016

It's A Debate Sweep For Clinton

Image result for debate Clinton Trump Las Vegas
The final debate was in Las Vegas last night, and once again it was another win for President Secretary Hillary Clinton in which she decisively spanked that behind once again.

Trump came out swinging, but once again proved once again he didn't have the stamina or command of policy to hang with Clinton

Image result for debate Clinton Trump Las Vegas
And when Trump didn't have an answer to a policy question, he did what he always does: lie, deflect and stall to avoid answering it, and when that didn't work, launched false attacks of Clinton

But the comment that is probably going to sink his campaign for good is not emphatically stating he wouldn't accept the election results  if when he loses

Secretary Clinton talked about this on her campaign plane.

Once again the polls have spoken and backed up what I observed by overwhelmingly stating she won.   I agree.  Another win for Secretary Clinton

Hopefully the debate sweep results in an resounding electoral college win on November 8

It's Spirit Day 2016!

Today is Spirit Day,    It's the day created by Canadian teen Brittany McMillan to wear purple in support of our TBLGQ youth who are being bullied in school settings

WE wear purple to denote our support for our BTLGQ younglings on this day, but the best way to support them will be to kick out all legislators like Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton and Pat McCrory who are demonizing our kids for their selfish political gain

Translation, vote the GOP legislative bullies out of office on November 8 or sooner if your state has early voting.

That's the first  and most important action step step to creating a world in which LGBTQ youth are respected, protected, and it is made clear to friend, foe and frenemy that their human rights are not to be messed with.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

20th Annual OutSmart Gayest and Greatest Awards Presentation Tonight

Tonight starting at 5 PM will be the live presentation of OutSmart Magazine's Gayest and Greatest Readers Choice Awards.

OutSmart is our local LGBTQ magazine here in Houston, and this is the 20th year they have presented these awards honoring our local heroes, sheroes and community organizations

The live awards will be presented in the People categories for the Best Male and Female LGBT Business Persons, Favorite Male and Female Commercial Radio Personality,  Favorite Male and Female Community Radio Personality,  Favorite Male and Female Community Hero, Favorite Male and Female Community Photographer, Favorite Male and Female Local Politician, Favorite Male and Female TV Personality, Leading Male and Female Fundraiser, Most Prominent Male and Female LGBT Activist, Most Valuable Male and Female volunteer and Favorite LGBT Philanthropic Organization..

Image result for Rich's HoustonWhile I was nominated in three categories this year, unfortunately I didn't get enough votes to make the finals.   Maybe next year.

Congratulations to all the people who are finalists for these awards, those who won in other categories this year and good luck this evening.

The live presentation will take place at Rich's Houston, located at 2401 San Jacinto St. near downtown from 5 PM -9 PM.

Texas Early Voting Starts October 24

Since the last presidential debate between Democratic nominee Sec. Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump will be talking place later tonight, it's a nice time to remind all you TransGriot Texas readers that early voting is starting on October 24 in the Lone Star State.

With polls showing that the race is within the margin of error, we have a chance to make happen something that hasn't occurred since I was 14 in seeing Texas go blue.

The last time that happened was in 1976 when Jimmy Carter took the Lone Star State, and now we have a historic opportunity to flip it to blue.

But for that to happen, you must go to the polls and vote.   And don't just start and stop with the presidential race either.  There are other races and positions on the ballot that need your undivided attention, and you need to vote from POTUS to dog catcher

Image result for texas voter registration card harris county 2016
Also as a reminder, thanks to the Veasey v. Abbott case, the Texas Voter Suppression law is DEAD because it was declared unconstitutional.  

The Texas GOP still tried to play that voter suppression game, and got called on it by Nelva Gonzales Ramos, the federal judge overseeing the case ruled they were willfully defying her order.

Harris County clerk Stan Stanart (R) is also being investigated by the court as well.   Time to replace him anyway on November 8 with someone who will fairly administer the election system in our county.

In case you're wondering, Judge Ramos is an Obama appointee.  Presidential elections matter, especially when it comes to the federal judiciary.

You do not need a photo ID to vote if you don't have one. You will need to be registered and have your blue voter registration card, and sign a statement swearing you are the person appearing to vote before you will be allowed to..

I'm looking forward to doing my civic duty and gleefully saying, "You're fired" to every Republican on my ballot, and can't wait until 2018 to do the same to Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton and Greg Abbott.

Back to focusing on the task at hand in this 2016 election.  

In Harris County, (the city of Houston's county for you non Texans) early voting will be in various locations, and have different times for different periods.   From October 24-28, the early voting polling centers will be open from 8 AM-6 PM.

On Souls To The Polls Weekend, on Saturday the early voting locations will be open from 7 AM-7 PM on Saturday, October 29, and on Sunday, October 30 from 1-6 PM

From October 31-November 4, the polls will be open from 7 AM-7 PM.

Check your local county clerk website for the times and early voting polling locations for your part of the Lone Star State.   You can also check the Texas Secretary of State website for more information about our upcoming election.

Last Clinton-Trump Debate Tonight

Image result for clinton trump
Live from the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus later tonight, it's the final 2016 presidential debate between Sec. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The 90 minute live debate will be once again broadcast with no commercial interruption on twelve broadcast and cable networks  

Image result for Trump and Clinton second debate creepy
The first two debates at Hofstra and Washington University were resounding Clinton wins, and the unforced errors by Trump didn't hurt.

She goes into this one seeking to not only sweep the debates but in this battleground state throw the knockout punch in a critical presidential race that is increasingly trending in her favor and in which much of the country is already early voting in advance of November 8.

And I'll be doing so when early voting starts on October 24 in Texas, in which a Democrat has their best chance of winning this state since 1976 when Jimmy Carter carried the Lone Star State.

The debate is scheduled to cover in the six 15 minute segments Debt and Entitlements, Immigration, The economy, the Supreme Court, Foreign hot spots, and fitness to be president

What I'm skeptical about for this final debate is how much policy will be discussed.

What I am skeptical of is the moderator will be Chris Wallace from FOX Noise.  It will be the first time someone from FOX has been tapped to moderate a debate, and he raised some eyebrows when he said his job wasn't to fact check the candidates, then quickly recanted on that.

He also has a troubling history of making sexist comments and remarks himself.

Image result
And I disagree.  Part of your job as moderator when one candidate has a demonstrated history of non-stop lying is to call lies out, and lets see how well Wallace does in doing so and keeping things moving.

It will also be interesting to see later tonight what shenanigans Trump pulls this time in an attempt to psyche out Clinton/

They rumble, er debate starting at 8 PM CDT.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Naw Gay Community, Ain't No Forgiving That Oppressive Flag Or What It Reps

Once again we have another example of what non-white TBLGQ community members complain about when we note that being gay is far too often centred in whiteness and white privilege.

And once again we received a reminder of it.

Over the weekend a picture of a Trump supporter surfaced sporting a bumper sticker on their vehicle that combines homophobia and racism.   It shows a Confederate flagged stick figure kicking a rainbow flagged stick figure with the words 'Trump 2016' under it.

That Trump sticker by itself was foul enough, but it resulted in someone coming up with a graphic combating it that is a nonstarter for TBLGQ people of color.

You know, the same people who are part of this community and helped play major roles in jump starting the movement for our human rights success

So what's the problem with this forgiveness graphic at the top of this post?   Plenty

The Confederate flag is not only the banner of white supremacy, it was the battle flag for a failed armed rebellion that fought a treasonous war against the federal government to ensure that people who share my African heritage would stay perpetually enslaved to them.  

That Confederate flag also became during the African American Civil Rights Movement the permanent symbol of resistance to defiant Southerners and white supremacist hate groups opposed to ending Jim Crow segregation.

There is no hugging or forgetting the fact that these white supremacists wish for me and my people to not exist, and me being unapologetically trans also heightens their hatred as the Klan anti-trans recruiting leaflets popping up back in May demonstrates.  

It's also an intersectionality fail in that it cluelessly fails to acknowledge that flag's negative history, and also make the connection that for Black trans, bi and same gender loving people, that flag is as odious to us as the Nazi swastika banner.

 And I ask the obvious question, when did non-white BTLGQ people get erased as being part of this community?  

It is not incumbent upon the people who are being oppressed to forgive their oppressors.  That's where this graphic fails.

Decided To Take An Unannounced Internet Break

In case you're wondering why I hadn't been posting at my normal schedule here on the blog, just stepped away and needed to do so because I was a little burned out over the election news combined with writers block.

So I just fired up one of my computer games and tuned everything out to refresh, recharge and get refocused for the homestretch of the 2016 presidential cycle and the battles to come in 2017 and beyond.

Turning off CNN, MSNBC, the BBC, FOX Noise (when I need comedic relief) and The Net also allowed me to also recharge the creative batteries.

So yes, I'm fine.  I'm even feeling better now that I've had that little break and on top of it, am creeping closer to another interim weight loss goal.

And yes, I have a lot to say and write before this campaign is done/

Naw GOP, This Election Isn't 'Rigged'

Image result for Donald Trump
I have been amused to hear Donald Trump claim with three weeks to go that this election is 'rigged' against him.

Naw dude, you need to take accountability for the fact you are the worst major party candidate and most unqualified for the Oval Office in modern times and Hillary Clinton is beating that behind because she's light years more qualified and running a better campaign than you are.

So lets examine that claim that this election is rigged.  It's a tired conservafool campaign refrain that ignores the facts that this nation is not center-right, it's center left.   It also ignores the reality that the GOP has worked mightily since the 1960's to piss off large blocs of non-white Americans.

Image result for voting rights
You didn't help by running a campaign demonizing Latinx, Black, Muslim and Asian voters in this presidential election cycle.

And lest be real, the people who administer the elections in many parts of the country like governors and secretaries of state are from your party.  It's also on record that the Republicans have long been on a mission to suppress voter turnout of African American and  Latinx voters, with the latest suppression tool being the Voter ID laws passed by Republican controlled legislatures.  

Image result for voting rights act signed 1965
You have also made it your mission in Conservaworld to kill the 1965 Voting Rights Act. that ensures that marginalized people can cast their ballots.   As a matter of fact, one of the ways that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts made his money was looking for ways to eviscerate the VRA.

The in person impersonation voter fraud meme the GOP pushed the justify the passage of these voter suppression measures has been proven to be false.

Image result for Trump rally hatersWith all your angry low information followers out there, it is frankly dangerous to the integrity of the American electoral process to be pushing the lie that this election is 'rigged' against you when you haven't done anything substantive (thank God) to win it.

When you piss off large swaths of the electorate while only appealing to your shrinking base of white voters, you're going to lose.

So naw Donald and every Republican pushing that lie.  If you're claiming the system is rigged, then  by extension, you are the architects of the rigging since you control in many states the electoral process in the states you control.  That's all the more reason for Americans to say 'You're Fired' to Republicans at all levels of government on November 8

Thursday, October 13, 2016

First Lady Michelle Obama Calls Out Trump's Treatment Of Women In NH Speech

Image result for Michelle obama calls out trump's treatment of women
First Lady Michelle Obama was tellin' it like it T-I-S is about a certain Republican sexual predator running for the presidency.

“The measure of any society is how it treats their women and girls. I can’t believe that a candidate for president of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting women. This kind of violence and abuse and disrespect to women… This is not something that we just sweep under the rug as another disturbing footnote in a sad election season. The shameful comments about our bodies, the disrespect to our intellects, the belief that you can do anything to a woman. It’s cruel. The truth is it hurts. We are drowning in it.

All of us are doing what women have always done. We’re trying to keep our heads above water, just trying to get through it, trying to pretend that this doesn’t really bother us. Maybe we think that admitting how much it hurts makes us as women look weak. Maybe we’re afraid of being that vulnerable. Maybe we’ve grown accustomed to swallowing these emotions and staying quiet because we’ve seen that people often won’t take our word over his. Or maybe we don’t want to believe that there are still people our there who think so little of us as women. So many are treating this as just another day, as if our outrage is overblown. This is not normal. This is not politics as usual. This is disgraceful; it is not tolerable.

It doesn’t matter what party you belong to. None of us deserve this kind of abuse. This isn’t about politics. It’s about basic human decency. We cannot expose our children to this any longer, not for another minute, and let alone for four years. Now is the time for all of us to say enough is enough. If all of this is painful to us as grown women, what do you think this is doing to our children? What lessons do you think this is teaching to girls about their worth?

To dismiss this as ‘locker room talk’ is an insult to decent men. The men in my life are concerned about what this election is doing to our boys and men who are looking for role models. Strong men, men who are truly role models don’t need to put down women to feel powerful.

We need someone who is a united force, someone who will heal the wounds that divide us. I believe with all my heart that Hillary Clinton will be that president. When things get tough, she doesn’t complain. She doesn’t abandon ship. Hillary Clinton has never quit on anything in her life. She is someone who has waited her turn and helped out while waiting! No one could be more qualified for this job than Hillary. We as Americans, we as decent human beings, can come together and declare that enough is enough. We need to recover from our shock and depression and we need to do what women do, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We need to vote, we need to make calls. We cannot afford to be tired or turned off. On November 8, we have the opportunity to show our children that this country is big enough for us all, and that each of us is a precious part of this great American story and we are always stronger together. We reject hatred and fear. In difficult times we don't discard our highest ideals. That is who we are, and don't let anyone tell you differently!"

Here's a link to the video of the FLOTUS' Manchester, New Hampshire speech

TransGriot 2016 NFL Picks- Week 6

Image result for Vikings sack Osweiler
Week 5 wasn't a good one for me or the Texans, and thankfully I was busy with my high school classmates so I didn't have to watch my fave NFL ballers stink up US Bank Stadium

The Vikings are also one of the two NFL squads the Texans have never beaten (now 0-5) in franchise history.  The other is the Philadelphia Eagles (0-4) who they will play next year when the AFC South is matched up with the NFC East.

They are playing a nationally televised AFC South game at NRG Stadium against the Indianapolis Colts, so whatever bad football they played in Minneapolis needs to stay there.

While I went into Week 5 with a four game lead,  it got cut in half because for the first time this season, Mr. Watts won a week outright.

It was bound to happen sometime, and he was definitely motivated after having his first sub 500 week of the 2016 season.

Well, let's get to  NFL Week 6.  Only two teams, the aforementioned Vikings and the Buccaneers are on their bye week, which means that we get to pick 15 games this week.

Y'all know the drill.  Teams I'm picking to win are in bold print with the home team in all CAPS.  Mike's picks will be available for viewing via this link from his blog.

2016 NFL Week 5 Results                                         2016 NFL Season Record

TransGriot  8-6                                                            TransGriot  48-29
Mike          10-4                                                            Mike          46-31
Eli              ---                                                               Eli               --

Thursday Night Game
Broncos over CHARGERS

Sunday Early Games
Eagles over WASHINGTON
PATRIOTS over Bengals
BEARS over Jaguars
GIANTS over Ravens
SAINTS over Panthers
Steelers over DOLPHINS
TITANS over Browns
LIONS over Rams
BILLS over 49ers

Sunday Afternoon Games
PACKERS over Cowboys
Chiefs over RAIDERS
SEAHAWKS over Falcons

Sunday Night Game

TEXANS over Colts

Monday Night Game


Jenna's Open Letter To A PISD Transphobe

On my Facebook page, we had a discussion on National Coming Out Day about the importance of cisgender allies coming out in support of their trans siblings.   The parents of trans kids also need your support since the Mama and Papa Bears are also along with their kids being demonized by right wingers.

Pearland Independent School District
Well, here's an example of what I'm talking about in terms of cis people supporting trans people.

Jenna Hammond is a recent 2016 graduate of Pearland ISD's Dawson High School in Houston's southern suburbs.  Yes, it's the same Pearland ISD whose current transphobic Superintendent Dr. John Kelly made some horrible remarks back in May about one of the transkids I have mad love for in Kai Shappley, who started kindergarten in PISD back on August 22

PISD made it clear at their last board meeting bfore the 2016-17 school year started they were going to ignore for now the DOE/DOJ Dear Colleague Letter and oppress Kai.

Guess y'all want to waste PISD taxpayer money on a anti-trans discrimination lawsuit you're going to lose.

Jenna wrote an open letter to Dr. Kelly taking him to task for his faux faith based transphobia and reminding him that as the Pearland ISD superintendent, his job is not to demonize and oppress the kids like Kai in his district, but to create the best conditions in PISD so that all kids can learn, grow and thrive as individuals and eventually adults once they graduate.

Here's the text of Jenna's letter.


Dear Dr. Kelly:
I attended Pearland ISD schools for most of my life and I have always felt and displayed pride in the resources and opportunities I was able to receive throughout my education. I graduated from Dawson High School this year, and I had hoped to leave Pearland with that pride and fondness intact.
However, your words and actions as superintendent, a representative of the district as a whole, have single-handedly shattered that perception. I am frankly shocked and appalled by your response to Kai Shappley, a fellow student in PISD, simply wishing to use the correct bathroom for her identity. The fact that the district that raised me could display such callous bigotry to a child is…upsetting, to say the very least. It genuinely hurts me to even think about it, this hateful precedent that you have set.
I was proud of the fact that I graduated from a school that gave me truly life-changing lessons and unique opportunities, with no consideration of the fact that I was openly gay. I think many of Dawson’s LGBT+ students would say the same. I believed that this district was solely invested in the success and happiness of me and my fellow students, that there was a conscious effort to put aside political and religious differences in order to focus purely on the betterment and education of our youth. I wish I could still allow myself to believe this. But you, with a single declaration, have irreparably damaged this perception.
You may want to write me off immediately because of my admission that I am a lesbian. I would hope that you at least respect and care about your constituents and students enough to listen to my words, regardless of your personal religious beliefs about my “lifestyle.” Honestly, I am not writing you to climb on my soapbox and try to force you to embrace my beliefs.   I am writing you with the hope that you will listen and understand, empathize with the students whose lives you have a great impact upon.
I recognize and understand that you are an adult and my senior, so I will not try to combat your personal beliefs, which you are clearly devoted to.  If we were to argue about bible verses and the relevance of religion, it would only be a rehashing of a debate that has been had a million times, and it would only leave us both exasperated, with neither side having budged and no solution found. I respect that your beliefs are your own, and you have a right to have them, regardless of whether or not I agree. So again, I ask: please listen to what I have to say.
I would like to begin by stating a simple fact: Kai Shappley is a child. First and foremost, above all else, she is a child. It is your duty as superintendent to do what is best for the children in this district. Your statement on transgenderism in May is callous at best, and the clear hatred lingering behind your words accomplishes the exact opposite of what you are meant to accomplish. In this statement, you compared the presence of transgender people in public restrooms to pedophilia and polygamy. I ask that you take a moment to consider these words once more. You have compared Kai’s very existence to abuse and sexual deviancy committed by malicious adults. This is a child, only 5 years old.
Because you work for the district, I assume that you are invested in the wellbeing of the children attending Pearland’s schools. Aside from her gender, Kai is still a young, impressionable child; just like her peers, she wants to play around, watch cartoons, and learn about the world. Think of her not as a trans person, but as a person. Would you call any other child a deviant on the level of child molesters? You are telling this girl from a young age that she wrong simply for existing, that she does not deserve to feel comfortable in the environments that are meant to nurture her as she grows.  I know it is difficult to put yourself in the shoes of someone you are obviously prone to hating anyway, but I ask that you try, for the sake of a child under your care.
I know that this next statement is likely going to fall on deaf ears, but honestly, I find your usage of your religion in your argument wildly inappropriate.  Your religious beliefs are yours and yours alone, no matter how strong your faith is.  It is clear that you are quite passionate in your stalwart devotion to those beliefs.  Again, I realize that I cannot change this.  I cannot force you to stop your abhorrence of the identities and lifestyles of people such as me and Kai.  However, at the end of the day, these personal religious beliefs are not intended to be used to govern the citizens of the U.S., including Texas, including P.I.S.D. Religious freedom is something I learned in these very same schools, and I believe that applies to this situation.  Even if you maintain the belief that we are a Christian nation, based in biblical law, that is still a highly subjective concept.  Every person’s idea of Christianity is unique; how can you decide that yours is the correct one that every person should be compelled to follow?  You may argue that our basis of government is biblical, but is it not based on the concept of freedom as well?  Free practice of religion is a constitutional right; how is forcing your personal religious beliefs on others not a violation of that right? You stated that the government allowing transgender people into the restroom for the gender they identify with is “unconstitutional interference,” but is it not unconstitutional interference to interfere with the lives of others based on your religion, effectively stripping away their right to follow their own beliefs.
The fact is you are dealing with children here.  Kai Shappley is not a pedophile entering the restroom to prey upon her peers.  Kai Shappley is not holding the other children down and forcing them to abandon their religion.  Kai Shappley is trying to use the restroom comfortably.  That you would choose to overlook that and spout bigotry from your public platform deeply saddens me. No kindergartener should have to be taken to court and told by the people designated to help her grow that she does not deserve the basic human right of feeling safe and comfortable.
Kai is a child you are meant to help, not a criminal for you to condemn.  I sincerely hope you take any part of this letter to heart, because right now you are just a hateful disappointment from where I am standing.
Jenna C. Hammond

Thank you Jenna for supporting not only Kai, but Kimberly and our community as well.

Hey Caitlyn, You Still Supporting Trump and the Transphobic GOP?

Image result for 2016 NC governor's debate
As y'all know, after giving Caitlyn Jenner time after her transition to try and fail to find a voice we could be proud of in our community as an advocate, I finally had enough of the numerous faux pas and ridiculous statements and called her out.

One of the statements out of her mouth that was ridiculous on its face was initially claiming that Republicans were leaders when it came to trans human rights at a time when they were legislatively attacking us in South Dakota and North Carolina and several other GOP controlled states.

She also claimed back in June that Donald Trump is a champion for women and LGBT people.  Yeah, right.  Donald's a champion groper and pervert

Oh the Republicans are leaders all right.  Leaders when it comes to oppressing trans people.  

See my lieutenant governor Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, Caitlyn's fave senator Ted Cruz and right wing state and federal judges like Reed O'Connor for concrete example of being trans oppressors instead of trans human rights trailblazers like President Obama and soon to be POTUS Hillary Clinton.

PHOTO: Caitlyn Jenner accepts the Arthur Ashe award for courage at the ESPY Awards at the Microsoft Theater on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, in Los Angeles.

Well, the reason I'm bringing Caitlyn's comments up again is that the North Carolina gubernatorial debate was held Monday night, and guess whose name came up in the debate discussion about Hate Bill 2?

And who said on stage that you needed to use the men's bathroom?   It sure wasn't Roy Cooper, the Democratic candidate for governor and the one who refused to defend as North Carolina's attorney general that unjust law.

It was that trans oppressor Gov Pat McCrory (R)

And what has been Caitlyn's response so far?

I hope you are waking up from the pink fog you're in and realizing that the party you wanted to be a 'trans ambassador' for has enshrined hatred of trans people in their 2016 platform.

I still have to ask since woke transpeople don't let friends vote GOP, if you are still supporting the anti-trans GOP presidential ticket and anti-trans Republicans?

Inquiring minds wanna know.

'Die Beautiful' Film Opening In The Philippines

Image result for Die Beautiful film
This is another film in which I wish the directors would have actually hired a trans woman or cis woman to play the trans protagonist Trisha instead of having another tired instance of a male actor play a trans woman

This film is also entered in the main competition for the upcoming Tokyo International Film Festival taking place from October 25-November 3

The film stars actor Paolo Ballesteros and is directed by Jun Robles Luna.   It tells the story of Trisha, a trans pinay who competes in the pageant world while living her life.

She expresses her wish to be dressed as Katy Perry for her funeral, and that sparks a clash between her conservative Filipino-Chinese family and her friends in the transpinay, drag and pageant world determined to carry out those wishes .

This movie is being released at a time in which a trans pinay in Rep. Geraldine Roman is serving in the Philippine Congress, and like us in the States, are dealing with murderous violence aimed at trans women as the Ashley Anne Reilly case demonstrates. .

Something else that concerns trans pinays as it does their American  trans feminine cousins is that a male actor is playing a trans pinay in a movie role.

They like us, are also increasingly concerned about how they are portrayed in the Philippine media and getting more vocal about it.

"Philippine show business is very much like Hollywood in its thinking of trans people and especially trans women," said Naomi Fontanos, the executive director of GANDA Filipinas. "Trans women characters almost always go to male leads based of course on the transphobic notion that trans women really are men in makeup and dresses."

"We've been trying to fight this damaging stereotype with some degree of success," she added.

Image result for paolo ballesteros die Beautiful
While Ballesteros looks the part as Trisha and is known around the world and on Instagram for his gender bending makeup artistry, it's still past time for trans feminine characters to NOT be played by cis masculine actors.  Trans women are women, not men in dresses.  Reinforcing that stereotype is getting trans women in the Philippines and around the world killed.

If you're going to tell our stories and make money off of it, then we have every right to insist that you use a trans feminine actress.  If you can't find a trans feminine actress to play a trans feminine role, then use a cis woman.

But here's hoping that trans feminine actresses in the Philippines also start getting the opportunity to play trans feminine characters.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rest In Power Brandi Bledsoe

Brandi Bledsoe
We have lost another trans woman to violence, once again in Cleveland.

32 year old Brandi Bledsoe was found dead on Saturday clad only in her underwear and with white plastic bags covering her head and hands in the driveway behind a home on Drexel Avenue near 108th Street.  

And as you probably guessed, she was initially misgendered by the local media.

Her body was found at 10 AM EDT by a 5 year old boy riding his bike with his 12 year old brother

Police also reported that Bledsoe had head trauma and with the investigation of her death in its early stages, investigators are taking her trans status into account.

She is now the 23rd trans person killed this year in the US.  Her death now makes this the deadliest year for US trans women since we started keeping track of the murders of our trans siblings.   And once again for me, it falls into that infuriating pattern of an under 40 Black trans woman being killed

There has not been an arrest in this case yet, but will keep you TransGriot readers apprised of any developments in the Bledsoe case.

Image result for Black trans lives matter

As of yet there isn't any information about a memorial service or vigil and I'll pass that info along once I receive it.

Rest in power and peace Brandi.  We will not rest as a community until the waste of DNA who killed you is captured and brought to justice.  

Rest In Power Trans Pioneer Alina Maria 'Cachita' Hernandez

Image result for Alina Maria Hernandez
Another one of our trans trailblazers has joined the ancestors in television actress Alina Maria Hernandez at age 46.   She was found by a friend on October 8 at her home in North Carolina.
The cause of death for Hernandez has not been determined because according to reports her relatives are traveling enroute there from Cuba.

Image result for CachitaHernandez was one of the first trans icons on Spanish language television, and was on the popular show El Gordo y El Flaca as 'Cachita' for 10 years.

She got her start as the winner of a singing contest on Don Francisco's longtime hit Univision show Sabado Gigante.  

Despite winning that $500 first prize on that show, Hernandez was a still struggling actress when she got her big break in 1999 replacing host Lili Estefan, who had gone on maternity leave to have her first child.

Hernandez's appearance was so popular that she ended up being part of the El Gordo y El Flaca show cast for another decade.  In addition to dishing gossip on that show, she also worked various Latinx awards shows and wrote a column for TVnotas

After being on the show, she decided to step away from the camera until last year, when she gave an exclusive Univision interview explaining that she was transgender.

Rest in power and peace Cachita.  You will be missed by all who loved you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary Mr.President and Madame Secretary!

Image result for bill and hillary wedding day
October 11 also happens to be the 41st wedding anniversary of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

And hopefully soon to be the next president of the United States

They were married on this date in their Fayetteville, AR home in 1974, and unlike Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani who have nine wives total but are hypocritically all up in the Clinton's martial business, are still together.

This is the message he sent out on his Twitter feed to mark their 41st anniversary.

She hasn't responded with her own Twitter message yet, because she is a little busy at the moment running to become our next POTUS, but will be fun to she what she posts in response to Bill's message.

Bill Clinton Writes a Touching Message to Hillary on Their 41st Wedding Anniversary

Happy 41st anniversary Mr. President and Madame Secretary!  May you celebrate your 42nd, 43rd, 44th and 45th wedding anniversaries at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave like you did your 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th anniversaries.

2016 National Coming Out Day

In addition to today being a voter registration deadline day in Texas and several states, today is also National Coming Out Day

It was founded in 1988 and is based on the principle of the personal being political.  As much as people claim they don't want to be activists, your first and most powerful act of activism is coming out as a trans, bi, gay, or lesbian person.

Image result for Transgender Coming outBeing yourself and comfortable in your skin matters.  Once you can do that, then your life begins.

If you're not ready to do that today, don't worry. Take your time.  Do so when you're comfortable with the coming out decision and have thought out the details for your life post coming out because it won't be the same afterwards.

Is coming out an easy process?  Depends on the individual and their life circumstances at the time.

Yes it can be challenging and bumpy at times.  I still have challenges from time to time even 22 years post my coming out April 4, 1994 date.  But what you gain after doing so far outweighs the drama you'll have to  navigate.

Image result for Transgender Coming out
For those of you who are trans and come out today, congratulations!  Thanks for taking that first courageous step on the road to living as your true self.   You are about to gain another set of family members not related to you by blood around the world.   You are about to join a community that has a proud history, some amazing people and allies who support us, and despite the haters, we have and will survive and thrive despite their loud and wrong rhetoric.

Welcome to the family!   Happy National Coming Out Day!